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HTAP 2 Model Description & Simulation Status Survey

The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the sharing of essential information between contributors to the HTAP2 model experiments and subsequent analyses. The tool provides two forms to provide information on:

  1. Key characteristics of the models and inputs needed for interpreting results, and

  2. the status of simulations.
Each record is identified by the combination of an institution and a short model name.

The information submitted is stored in a data base and can be retrieved through 4 different reporting forms.

Entering New or Updated Information
If you are updating information, please select the institution/model combination from the list.
If you are entering new information, please enter the name of your institution and a short model name.
Then select either the model description or simulation status form.
*New Institution
*New Model Shortname
Model description form
Simulation status form

Retrieving Information
Please select a report type:

*Institution/Model (Select if noted below)

Model description information for a given model/institution (Please select an Institution/Model above)

Simulation status for a given model/institution (Please select an Institution/Model above)

Total status count of all simulations

Information on a given simulation