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Advice on Future O3 Boundary Conditions for Europe (October 2012)

This letter from the TF HTAP Co-Chairs to the EMEP Steering Body Chair responds to a request for advice on the ozone boundary conditions to be included in the EMEP and GAINS models. The advice is based on an extended analysis of the results obtained from a wide range of models that were previously published in HTAP 2010.

Advice on Future O3 Boundary Conditions for Europe (October 2012)

HTAP 2010

HTAP 2010 is the first comprehensive assessment of the state of the science with respect to the intercontinental transport of air pollutants in the Northern Hemisphere. The final assessment consists of 5 separate documents, which are available here electronically as PDFs:

Printed copies of Parts A-D of the report are available for sale through United Nations Publications
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2007 Interim Report

In 2007, the Task Force produced an interim report addressing the state of science regarding the intercontinental transport of ozone, fine particles, and their precursors in the Northern Hemisphere. This interim report was produced to inform the LRTAP Convention's review of the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol, which addresses tropospheric ozone, acidification, and eutrophication.

HTAP 2007 with Corrigendum, January 2008