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HTAP Special Session

46th Meeting of the Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modeling

2-3 May 2017, Paris, France

Meeting Details


Opening of the session Laurence Rouil, EMEP Steering Body Chair
News on the Convention & Purpose of the Meeting Rob Maas, TFIAM Co-Chair
Overview of HTAP2 Analyses Frank Dentener, TF HTAP Co-Chair
Updates on GAINS development and scenario runs Markus Amann, CIAM
The TM5-FASST tool: multi-impacts evaluation of pollutant emission scenarios in a global and hemispheric context Rita van Dingenen, JRC
Update of Critical Loads for use in IAM Max Posch, CCE
IAM modeling in Belarus Sergey Kakareka, Belarus
AMAP Work Plan Simon Wilson, AMAP Secretariat
PACES Initiative Kathy Law, LATMOS, France
Economic consequences of outdoor air pollution Elisa Lanzi, OECD
Global ICCT scenarios for road transport Susan Anenberg, Environmental Health Analytics
SSP scenarios and air pollution Steve Smith, PNNL
Discussion on TFIAM/TFHTAP joint issues and activities for 2018-2019 Terry Keating, TF HTAP Co-Chair
CCAC initiatives Nathan Borgford-Parnell, CCAC
Scenarios for methane emissions from oil and gas Markus Amann, IIASA
Source contributions to (future) ozone trends in Europe Michael Schulz, MSC-West
Update on ozone critical levels for vegetation and other ICP Vegetation activities Harry Harmens, ICP Vegetation
Summary of HTAP Special session Terry Keating, TF HTAP Co-Chair