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TF HTAP/TFIAM Workshop on Global Air Pollutant Emission Scenarios

11-13 February 2015, International institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria

Meeting Agenda


Wednesday, 11 February (Full Day)
TF HTAP Context & Objectives (including FAST examples) Terry Keating / Frank Dentener
TFIAM Context & Objectives Rob Maas (RIVM, NL)
Session 1: Global Emissions Scenarios
IIASA/GAINS Scenarios Overview and Comparison to RCPs Markus Amann / Zig Klimont
IIASA/GAINS Scenarios Sectoral and Regional Detail Markus Amann / Zig Klimont
IMAGE Scenarios Detlef van Vuuren
AIM Scenarios Tatsuya Hanaoka (NIES, Japan)
Session 2: Consideration of Future Costs of Control
Introduction Rob Maas (RIVM, NL)
Macro Economic Impacts of Air Pollution Abatement Corjan Brink (PBL, NL)
Cost Projection for Traditional Air Pollutants at the USEPA Larry Sorrels (USEPA)
Cost Estimation for Methane and non-CO2 GHGs Shaun Ragnauth (US EPA)
Cost Information in GAINS Markus Amann / Zig Klimont
Thursday, 12 February (Full Day)
Session 3: Comparisons and Discussion By Sector or Region
China Shuxiao Wang (Tsinghua U., China)
Asia / Indonesia Budi Haryanto (U. of Indonesia)
Korea Jung Hun Woo (Konkuk U., Korea)
India Sumit Sharma (TERI)
India Pankaj Sadavarte (IIT Bombay)
India (Additional Video) Sarath Guttikunda (India)
Road Transport Jens Borken-Kleefeld (IIASA) / Mike Walsh
Shipping Jens Borken-Kleefeld (IIASA)
Shipping Jim Corbett (U. Delaware)
Latin America (Power, Industry) Laura Dawidownski (CNEA, Argentina)
Household Tami Bond/Nick Lam (U. Illinois)
US Industrial Processes Larry Sorrels (US EPA)
Methane Lena Hoglund (IIASA)
Friday, 13 February (Half Day)
Session 4: Implications for Future Work
Review List of Questions, Issues, Further Work Identified in Previous Sessions  
TF HTAP Future Plans (How do we answer our questions?) Terry Keating / Frank Dentener
TFIAM Future Plans  
Identification of Tasks and Schedule for Follow Up