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AQMEII / HTAP Workshop on Regional and Global Modeling

30 October 2014, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Meeting Agenda

Workshop Objectives

  • Review the objectives of the AQMEII3 and HTAP2 experiments and identify common areas of interest

  • Review the status of the HTAP2 experiments, the analysis schedule, and data management procedures

  • Define a timeline for AQMEII3 base case simulations and analysis activities

  • Identify scenarios to be modeled by AQMEII3 participants and develop a timeline for these simulations

  • Define an overall timeline, milestones, and expected outputs for the AQMEII3-HTAP2 collaboration.


Thursday, 30 October
8:00 Arrival and Sign In Though Building Security
8:30 Welcome, review of agenda and workshop objectives Hogrefe/Galmarini/Keating
8:45 HTAP overview and high-level status update – focus on global/regional modeling and analysis activities Keating
9:15 AQMEII3 base case simulations – status update, preliminary results Hogrefe/Galmarini/all
10:00 Break
10:15 Plans for global/regional model evaluation and comparison under both AQMEII3 and HTAP Galmarini/Keating/all

Presentation on HTAP work package “Inflow processes over Western North America”


Presentation on HTAP work package “Toolsets for Airborne Data (TAD)”


Presentation on HTAP work package “Comparison of Source/Receptor Estimation Methods” (e.g. perturbations, adjoint, DDM)

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Objectives for afternoon discussion of potential synergies between AQMEII3, HTAP2, and other model evaluation projects. Keating, Hogrefe, Galmarini

Discussion of potential synergies and common interests

14:45 Break

Discuss and develop overall AQMEII3 timeline, milestones and outputs within the context of the HTAP activity

16:30 Adjourn