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HTAP Sessions at the
International Ozone and Plants Conference

Beijing, China: 18-21 May 2014

Meeting Agenda


In order to maintain plants health and promote terrestrial ecosystem function and service, it is vital to understand how the terrestrial plants respond to rising ozone under changing environmental factors. The International Ozone and Plants Conference conference is aimed at summarizing the state of the art of ozone research, suggesting the best approach for monitoring, modelling and mitigating ozone impacts on terrestrial ecosystems and developing international collaboration for research and protection.

  • Session 1: Atmospheric chemistry and exchanges with the biosphere
  • Session 2: Plant and ecosystem responses to ozone exposure
  • Session 3: Monitoring, modelling and assessing ozone risk to terrestrial ecosystems
  • Session 4: Interactions and feedbacks of ozone effects with the climate

Conference Objectives:

The methods, tools, and data sets to be used in the assessment of ecosystem impacts associated with the current HTAP2 modeling experiments will be discussed during sessions of this international conference.  In addition, a special discussion session is being organized to provide direct input to TF HTAP concerning ecosystem impact assessment methods. 

The International Ozone and Plants Conference and the TF HTAP-related session are being organized in consultation with the LRTAP Convention’s International Coordinating Programme (ICP) on Vegetation Impacts, who are co-sponsors of the overall conference.  Most of the TF HTAP related discussion is expected during Session 2 of the conference on 20 May. 

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Conference Location:

The conference will be held in Congress and Educational Centre of Xijiao Hotel, that is located in Haidian District, inside Beijing city. Lodging reservation at this hotel will be made through the conference registration process.

Xijiao Hotel
18 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District
Tel: 8610 6232 2288-5606
Fax: 8610 62311142
Beijing, China

Remote Attendance:
Funding is not sufficient to support broad in-person participation for this event.  However, we will make every effort to facilitate remote participation in the events via web conferencing for those who are interested and do not have the resources to travel, and we will make all materials available on our website as usual.