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WHO Expert Meeting: Methods and tools for assessing the health risks of air pollution at local, national and international levels

Bonn, Germany: 12-13 May 2014

Meeting Summary:

This expert meeting was convened by the World Health Organization to discuss the data, methods, and tools available for assessing the human health risks of air pollution at various geographic scales.  The meeting was intended to provide advice to a variety of health risk assessment efforts, including but not limited to the work of the TF HTAP and the Task Force on Health Aspects of Air Pollution (TFH) of the UNECE Convention on Long Range Trans-boundary Air Pollution (LRTAP) as well as the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC).  The discussions at the meeting focused on lessons that may be available to be learned from the Global Burden of Disease project and the WHO’s Review of Evidence of Health Aspects of Air Pollution (REVIHAAP) and Health Risks of Air Pollution in Europe (HRAPIE) projects

Meeting Report:
A report from the meeting is being developed and will be used as the starting point for a WHO publication for health risk assessment practitioners and policy makers on general principles for air pollution health risk assessment for various purposes and at various scales. 

The meeting report is available at the website of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.