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Meeting of the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

San Francisco, CA, USA: 5-6 December, 2013 (AGU Fall Meeting: 9-13 December, 2013)

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Thursday, 5 December
Welcome and Current Status of Work Plan and Plan for Workshop Terry Keating, US EPA
Emissions and Projections
2008, 2010 HTAPv2 Emissions Greet Maenhout, EC JRC
2010-2030 Scenarios for HTAP Zig Klimont, IIASA
GEIA: Global Emissions InitiAtive Greg Frost, NOAA
HTAP2 Experiment Specifications and Procedures
HTAP2 Experiment Specifications Brigitte Koffi, EC JRC
HTAP2 Data Analysis Logistics Michael Schulz, MetNo/EMEP MSCW
Ongoing Regional and Global Analyses
HTAP Model Experiments: Relevant activities on Hg and POPs Oleg Travnikov, EMEP MSCE
Modeling of Hg and POPs and Links to Integrated Assessment Noelle Selin, MIT
Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) Update Christian Hogrefe, US EPA
EuroDelta Model Intercomparison Augustin Colette, INERIS
Inflow Processes Influencing Air Quality Over Western North America: WP 3.2 Progress Report Owen Cooper, NOAA
Status of MICS-Asia and US DOE's Arctic Transport Study Joshua Fu, U. Tennessee
Effect of Methane Emissions Controls on Arctic and the AMAP Expert Group on Methane Michael Schulz for Michael Gauss, MetNo
Tropospheric Ozone Trends at Mauna Loa Observatory Tied to Decadal Climate Variability Meiyun Lin, NOAA/Princeton
AeroCom Contributions to TF HTAP Mian Chin, NASA
Friday, 6 December
Boundary Conditions for HTAP2 Regional Simulations Frank Dentener, EC JRC
Health and Ecosystem Impact Assessment and Tools
HTAP2 runs with C-IFS MACC contribution Johannes Flemming, ECMWF
Boundary conditions from the GFDL AM3 global model Meiyun Lin, NOAA/Princeton
JRC's FAst Scenario Screening Tool (TM5-FASST) Rita van Dingenen, EC JRC
Relating Health, Climate, and Agricultural Impacts to Grid-Scale Emissions for the Climate and Clean Daven Henze, University of Colorado
Plans for a Health Assessment Workshop Susan Anenberg and Terry Keating, US EPA
Sensitivity of Ozone Plant Flux in Europe to Regional and Global Emission Controls Jan Eiof Jonson, MetNo/EMEP MSCW
Plans for an Ecosystem Assessment Workshop Frank Dentener, EC JRC
A Scenario Visualization Tool within RSIG Application Terry Keating, US EPA
Initial HTAP2 Results and Analysis Plans
South Asia Workgroup Gufran Beig, IITM
CARIBIC: Export of pollutants from the South Asian monsoon anticyclone Carl Brenninkmeyer, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
A Bird’s Eye View of The Changing Airscape of California Andy Post, UC Davis Atmospheric Science
Implementation Status of ESA's Copernicus Atmospheric Service Sentinel-4/-5, and 5p Jacek W. Kaminski, EcoForecast Foundation
Boreal fire influence on Eurasian tropospheric ozone & ecosystems S.R. Arnold, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds, UK
GEOS-Chem preliminary HTAP results Daven Henze, University of Colorado
Attributing changes in atmospheric methane 1850-2000 to changes in CH4, NOx, CO and NMVOC emissions David Stevenson, University of Edinburgh
Preliminary analysis of the redundancy in HTAP1 data -future directions for HTAP2 Stefano Galmarini, Efisio Solazzo and Ioannis Kioutsioukis, JRC/IES
First run of HTAP emissions in CAM-Chem Louisa Emmons, NCAR
HTAP Emission inventory: Status and Discussion Greet Maenhout, EC JRC

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