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Meeting of the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

Geneva, Switzerland: 20-22 March, 2013 (GAW 2013 Symposium: 18-20 March, 2013)

Meeting Agenda


The TF HTAP meeting took place in Geneva at WMO Headquarters on 20-22 March 2013. The meeting was conducted in coordination with the WMO's GAW 2013 Conference and OPAG EPAC meeting. The agenda is provided below:

(updated 5/13/13)
Wednesday, 20 March
GAW, HTAP, and the GEO Infrastructure
This joint GAW/HTAP session will focus on the status of the data infrastructure that supports atmospheric research and its relation to broader efforts under GEO and GEOSS. Presentations will include discussions of work packages under Theme 6 of the HTAP work plan.
An Introduction to TF HTAP Frank Dentener
Overview of GAW 2013 (recap of Monday and Tuesday) Oystein Hov
Reports of GAW Breakout Groups & Discussion:
The Co-Evolution of the HTAP Data Network & The GEO Air Quality & Atmospheric Composition Community of Practice Terry Keating & Rudy Husar
Surface Observations for HTAP Kjetil Torseth
Global Atmospheric Watch Data Joerg Klausen
Conclusion of GAW 2013 Oystein Hov
An Overview of GEO and the GEOSS Infrastructure Espen Volden
Global Mercury Observing System (GMOS) Ian Hedgecock
Data Collections for Aircraft Observations (IAGOS, ADAM, NOAA, …) Valerie Thouret
Data Collections & Portals for Satellite Observations (ACP, GIOVANNI, …) Julian Meyer-Arnek & Stefan Falke
MACC & HTAP Tools Olaf Stein & Martin Schultz
AeroCom Database and Tools Michael Schulz
AQMEII and ENSEMBLE Stefano Galmarini
ABC Data Analysis Center at SNU Sang-Woo Kim & Soonchang Yoon
GEIA and ECCAD: Emissions Inventories Claire Granier
Thursday, 21 March
HTAP Model Simulation and Analyses
This session will focus on the design of the planned HTAP model experiments and analyses, including presentations on the work packages under Themes 2 and 3. In this discussion, we hope to refer back to Wednesday's discussion and consider how we can use the infrastructure to support the science we plan to do and what investments need to be made to support the planned science.
Overview of HTAP Work Plan and Policy Needs (including EC update) Frank Dentener & Terry Keating
Discussion of Regional Definitions Frank Dentener
Discussion of HTAP Experiment Specifications David Stevenson
Discussion of Needs for Impact Assessment: O3 Deposition Lisa Emberson
Status and Next Steps of IGAC/SPARC Hindcast (CCMI) Peter Hess
3.5 Coordination with analysis activities of AEROCOM Michael Schulz
3.3 Coordination with analysis activities of AQMEII Christian Hogrefe
3.4 Coordination with analysis activities of MICS-Asia Greg Carmichael
3.7 Coordination of model evaluation analyses with POLMIP Steve Arnold
3.8 Global ozone and other air quality relevant surface concentrations Hiroshi Tanimoto
3.2 Inflow processes influencing air quality over Western North America Owen Cooper
3.9 Model evaluation using satellite observations Mian Chin
3.10 Coordination of model evaluation analyses with GMOS Oleg Travnikov
3.11 Model evaluation of POPs simulations Alexey Gusev
Friday, 15 March
Other Parts of HTAP Work Plan
This session will include a brief discussions of the progress of work under HTAP Theme 1 (Emissions and Projections) and Theme 4 (Impacts Assessment) and identify next steps for the overall work program.
Emissions Inventory: Status and Discussion Greet Maenhout
Scenarios: Status and Discussion Zig Klimont
Agricultural Burning Scenarios Jessica McCarty
S/R Parameterization and Impact Assessment: Status and Discussion Oliver Wild
What Overriding Assessment Questions can HTAP2(3) Help Address? Michael Prather
WP 4.3 Climate Impacts Bill Collins
WP 2.6 Comparison of SR and SA Methods Daven Henze
Issues for Further Discussion Terry Keating


Title Authors
Black Carbon Pollution in Central India K.S. Patel, Yogita Nayak & N.K. Jaiswal
Global Model Validation of Surface Ozone by the WMO/GAW WDCGG Tatsuya Nagashima & Hajime Akimoto
Assessment of Contribution of PM10 Concentrations from Multiscale Transport of Pollutants Using WRF/Chem for A Tropical Urban Airshed Manju Mohan & Medhavi Gupta
Contribution of Co-Located Station Kosetice (ACTRIS) - Kresin u Pacova (ICOS) for EMEP and GAW Programmes Milan Vana, Adela Holubova Smejkalova, Alice Dvorska, & Mariam Pavelka
What Can Satellites Offer in Evaluating HTAP Model Simulations of Aerosol Intercontinental Transport? Hongbin Yu, Yan Zhang, Mian Chin, Lorraine Remer, & Ralph Kahn
Satellite Constraints of Nitrogen Oxide (NOX) Emission from India Based on OMI Measurements and WRF-Chem Simulations Sachin Ghude, Gabriele Pfister, C.K. Jena, R.J. van der A, L.K. Emmons, & R. Kumar