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Meeting of the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

Pasadena, CA, USA: 1-3 February, 2012

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Draft Agenda

(Updated 02/15/12)
Wednesday, February 1
Overview Terry Keating
Frank Dentener
GEIA/CIERA/ECCAD and Emissions and Activity Data Accessibility Greg Frost
Historical/Present Emissions
EDGAR-HTAP Frank Dentener
Greet Maenhout
Asian Emissions Greg Carmichael for MICS-Asia Team
North American-European Emissions Christian Hogrefe
Stefano Galmarini
O3/PM Precursor Discussion  
Hg Emissions from GMOS/AMAP/UNEP Nicola Pirrone
POPs Emisisons Shu Tao
Future Emission Projections
IEA Baseline with CLE and MFR Markus Amann
Introduce Sectors/Pollutants of Focus Terry Keating
Adjourn for the Day
Thursday, 2 February
Source/Receptor & Source Apportionment Analysis
Design of Perturbation Studies and Metrics Frank Dentener
Terry Keating
S/R Methods Intercomparison Daven Henze
Ozone Attribution Meiyun Lin
PM Attribution Mian Chin
Hg Attribution & Long Term Simulations Oleg Travnikov
POPs Attribution Paul Bartlett
Alexey Gusev
Discussion: What do the components have in common, and how they differ?  
Global to Regional Linkages
Perspective on Linkages Joshua Fu
Perspective on Linkages Augstin Colette
Other Methods & Discussion Frank Dentener
Insights from Time Series Simulations  
AC&C Hindcast Peter Hess
ACCMIP Drew Shindell
JF Lamarque
Discussion (including what met to use for future scenarios)  
Linking Models to Observations
W. North America Owen Cooper
Tony VanCurren
Europe/Arctic Kathy Law
Steve Arnold
GMOS Nicola Pirrone
POPs Paul Bartlett
Alexey Gusev
Adjourn for the Day
Friday, 3 February
Data Management/Archiving/Analysis
A Revised Proposed Simulation Scheme Terry Keating
Asia Haijime Akimoto
MICS-Asia/ABC Asia Greg Carmichael
Met.No/AEROCOM Michael Schulz
ENSEMBLE/AQMEII Stefano Galmarini
HTAP Network - Distributors Terry Keating
Discussion of Model Evaluation Analyses Frank Dentener
Impact Assessment Methodologies
Lessons from Global Burden of Disease Study Aaron Cohen
Ecosystem Effects for O3/PM Lisa Emberson
Implications for Modeling Study Design Frank Dentener
Terry Keating
Discussion of Timeline and Milestones
Opportunity for Cooperation with North East Asian Region of UNESCAP Krzysztof Olendrzynski
Additional Background Material on LRTAP Convention Krzysztof Olendrzynski
Future Tasks Terry Keating
Frank Dentener
Adjourn Meeting