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Meeting of the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

Arona, Italy: 6-8 June, 2011

The objectives of the June TF HTAP meeting will be to:

  • Review the decisions of the LRTAP Convention with respect to the findings of HTAP 2010 and the revised mandate for the TF HTAP, in particular to the wider scope of work of including short lived climate forcing of air pollution and analysis of mitigation options.

  • Take stock of on-going and planned science and assessment efforts related to intercontinental transport and inter-linkages with climate change, upon which future work of the TF HTAP can build (including but not limited to AC&C, AeroCom, AQMEII, MICS-Asia, EU Projects (ECLIPSE, PEGASOS, … ))

  • Formulate a new set of policy-relevant science questions in view of the revised mandate of the TF HTAP.

  • Outline a multi-year work plan for the TF HTAP to address these questions that involves EMEP bodies (CCC, MSC E and W, CEIP, CIAM) and task forces, national and organizations (e.g. UNEP, WMO, IGBP/WCRP, GEO, …).
A background paper containing additional information is available here.