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International Workshop on Regional and Intercontinental Transport of Air Pollution

13-14 October, 2008, Hanoi, Vietnam


Monday, October 13, 2008
7:45 Bus from Trade Union Hotel to Hoa Binh Hotel (Meeting Location)
8:30 Welcome and Introduction
8:30 Welcome from Vietnam Environmental Protection Administration (Dr. Bui Cach Tuyen)
8:50 Introduction to Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (André Zuber, Terry Keating)
9:10 Introduction to EANET, Male Declaration, and Other Regional Efforts (Mylvakanam Iyngararasan)
9:30 Break
10:00 Global and Regional Modeling of Long Range Transport (Greg Carmichael, Chair)
10:00 MICS-Asia Activities (Greg Carmichael)
10:20 EANET Modeling Activities (Hirosama Ueda)
10:40 Regional Impacts of Hemispheric Air Pollution Transport (Meiyun Lin)
11:00 Linkage HTAP and MICS-Asia Study for Pollutants Long Range Transport in Asia Region by GEOS-Chem/CMAQ (Joshua Fu) (Animation 1) (Animation 2)
11:20 Chemical transport of Ozone, Aerosol, and Reactive Tracers Over the Pacific - Results from HTAP SR and TP1X Experiments Using CMAQ (Jerry Lin)
11:40 Geographical Variations in the Source-Receptor Relationships Linking Asian and North American NOx Emissions to Ozone in Europe (Dick Derwent)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Global and Regional Modeling of Long Range Transport (Continued)
13:20 Status of Emission Inventory and Long Range Transport of Ozone and its Precursors in South Asian Region (Gufran Beig)
13:40 Long-term Monitoring and Source Apportionment Study for Particulate Matter in Asian Developing Countries (Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh)
14:00 Air Quality Research in the Pearl River Delta and Beijing, and the Atmospheric Transport of POPs (Xinghua Qiu)
14:20 Discussion
15:00 Break
15:30 Impacts of Transboundary Air Pollution (André Zuber, Terry Keating, Chairs)
15:30 Policy Objectives and Ambient Standards Affected by Transboundary Air Pollution (Vanissa Surapipith)
15:50 Overview of Impact Assessments under Project ABC (Mylvakanam Iyngararasan)
SEI Policy Brief on Ozone and Food Security in Southeast Asia
16:10 Impacts of Long Range Transport: Findings from IGAC Megacities Activity (Makoto Koike)
16:30 Impacts of Rising Surface Ozone Concentration on Food Production in Asia (Kazuhiko Kobayashi)
(Movie )
16:50 Discussion
17:30 Bus from Hoa Binh Hotel (Meeting Location) to Trade Union Hotel
18:30 Dinner at Trade Union Hotel
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
7:45 Bus from Trade Union Hotel to Hoa Binh Hotel (Meeting Location)
8:30 Ozone and Aerosol Observatations (Hirosama Ueda, Chair)
8:30 Precipitation Chemistry in the EANET Region (Hiroshi Hara)
8:50 Overview of Project ABC and CAPMEX (Hung Nguyen)
9:10 The Effect of Direct Radiative Forcing of Asian Dust on the Meteorological Fields (Soon Ung Park)
9:30 Aerosol Measurements in the East Asia: IGAC Megacities Asia Project (Makoto Koike)
9:50 Break
10:20 Ozone and Aerosol Observatations (Continued)
10:20 Regional Smoke Haze in Southeast Asia: Environmental and Health Impacts (Rajasekhar Bala)
10:40 Observation of Aerosols in East Asia with the Network of Polarization Lidars (Nobuo Sugimoto)
11:00 Observations from Aircraft over Northeast Asia (Shiro Hatakeyama)
11:20 NILU Surface Observation Database Development (Kjetil Tørseth)
11:40 Discussion
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Mercury Observations (Noriyuki Suzuki, Chair)
13:00 Overview of Atmospheric Mercury Issues on the Global Scale and the Role of Asian Sources (Rob Mason)
13:20 Distribution, Trend and Monitoring Projects For Fate of Mercury Species in Japan (Noriyuki Suzuki and IDEA consultants)
13:40 A Comprehensive Analysis of the Impact of Transboundary Mercury Emitted from Northeast Asia (Young-Ji Han)
14:00 Mercury Distribution in Ambient Air in China (Xinbin Feng)
14:20 Mercury Emissions in Japan (Masaki Takaoka)
14:40 Discussion
15:00 Emissions and Projections (Savitri Garivait, Chair)
15:00 Development of the EDGAR-HTAP Inventory (Suvi Monni)
15:20 Historical Trend and Future Projection of Anthropogenic Emissions in East Asia (Toshimasa Ohara)
15:40 Break
16:10 Emissions and Projections (Continued)
16:10 Emissions Inventories and Projections for China (He Kebin)
16:30 Estimating Aircraft Emissions and it's Relative Impact on Overall Ambient Air Quality over Delhi (Manju Mohan)
16:50 Development of Emissions Inventories in Asia Using the RAPID/GAPF Approach (Harry Vallack )
17:10 Discussion
17:30 Closing Discussion (Terry Keating, André Zuber, Chairs)
18:00 Adjourn
18:20 Bus from Hoa Binh Hotel (Meeting Location) to Trade Union Hotel



Poster Presenter Poster Name
Sachin D. Ghude and G. Beig
Pham Thi Bich Thao, Kasemsan Manomaiphiboon, Chatchawan Vongmahadlek