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June 2008 Workshop


Poster Presenter

Poster Title

Susan Casper The global burden of anthropogenic ozone and particulate matter air pollution on premature human mortality
James Corbett Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transportation (GIFT) Modeling
Annmarie Eldering NASA EOS TES - Tropospheric Pollution Transport Observed from Space
Savitri Garivait Integration of Observations in Estimatino of Emissions from Biomass Open Burning
Savitri Garivait Estimation of Air Pollutant Emissions from Forest Fires in the Northern Region of Thailand
Paul Ginoux Reconstructing dust emission for the last century with GFDL AM3/LM3 model
Rebecca Hawk The Yakama Nation; Stewardship of the Three Elements
Daven Henze Adjoint model sensitivities of air quality and direct radiative forcing with respect to specific emissions sectors and locations
Tracey Holloway Regional Impacts of Hemispheric Ozone Transport
Dylan Jones Quantifying tropospheric ozone abundances over North America through assimilation of observations from the TES
Makoto Koike IGAC Asia Database Activity
Yun-Fat Lam 2000-2050 Global Change Ozone Air Quality in the United States Using Models-3/CMAQ System
Kathy Law Long-range transport of pollutant plumes to the Arctic
Hong Liao Transport of Air Pollutants to China from South Asia
Jerry Lin Source-Receptor Relationships of Air Pollutants over the Pacific: Assessment on Surface Ozone Using CMAQ
Meiyun Lin Impacts of Hemispheric Transport on Asia
Junfeng Liu Evaluating the Potential Influence of Inter-Continental Transport of Sulfate Aerosols on Air Quality
Junfeng Liu Evaluating the Global Health Impact of Inter-continental Transport of Fine Aerosols
Hongyu Liu Sensitivity of photolysis frequencies and key oxidants in the troposphere to cloud vertical distribustions and optical properties in a global 3-D chemical transport model
Nathaniel Livesy Aura MLS observations of trans-Pacific pollution transport in the upper troposphere
Sarah Lu Overview of NCEP global aerosol forecasting system
Matus Martini North American Pollutant Export During the Summers of 2002 and 2004
Elaine Matthews Methane Emissions: 1980-2030
Denise Mauzerall  
Denise Mauzerall  
Frederik Meleux Future air quality due to climate changes
Yi Ming Dynamical Response to Aerosol Effects and Implications for Pollutant Transport
Manju Mohan Estimation of Ecological Exposure to Sulfure Dioxide Depositions from Thermal power Plants in India
Manju Mohan Performance Evaluation of AERMOD and ADMS-Urban for Total suspended Particulate Matter Concentrations in Megacity Delhi
Tatsuya Nagashima Source attribution of surface ozone over Japan
Hideaki Nakane Observation and Modeling of Transport/Transformation of Air Pollutants and Dust in East Asia: Phase I (FY 2006-2010)
Akira Nitta The Activity of Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET)
Steven Pawson Trace Gas Modeling with GEOS CCM
David Plummer Tropospheric extension of the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model
Noelle Selin Constraints on anthropogenic mercury sources from global cycling and wet deposition
Kiyotaka Shibata Development of an MRI chemistry-climate model for the troposphere and stratosphere
Satci Simonich Use of Chiral Signatures of Historical Use Pesticides in Air and Soil to Apportion Source Regions to the Western U.S.
Ivanka Stajner NOAA's National Air Quality Forecast Capability
Douglas Westphal Operational Forecasting of LRT of Particulates