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Summary of the Co-Chairs

  Day 1: Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Wahner (director FZ Jülich, Tropospheric Institute)

Opening address

A. Zuber, T. Keating
(chairs of TF HTAP)

Objectives of the TF HTAP, summary of progress to date, objectives of this workshop

Discussion of results obtained in SR1 and TP1. Chair: Oliver Wild (proposed)

A. Fiore,
F. Dentener

Results from model experiment set 1
(source receptor analysis)

Martin Schultz ,
O. Wild

Results from model experiment set 2
(transport and process studies)

C. Textor,
Michael Schulz

Results from aerosol model intercomparisons HTAP and plans of AEROCOM

Analysis of individual models (SR1). Chair: Frank Dentener

 Presentations on modelling studies and specific analyses by individual participants

Michael Sanderson ,
UK Metoffice

Analysis of HTAP NOy deposition


Jan-Eiof Jonson,
EMEP, Norway

Analysis of HTAP ozone vertical profiles results

C. Cuvelier The HemiTap Tool

Tatsuya Nagashima,
NIES Japan

Regional and global modeling of tropospheric ozone over Japan

Huisheng Bian,
University of Maryland/NASA

Importance of relative humidity for AOT calculations.

Gufran Beig,
Inst.Trop. Met, Pune

Long Range transport of pollutants from Asia

SR3 Climate Change Chair: tbd

Climate Change

Magnuz Enghardt, SMI


Regional climate modeling and pollution,


Carlos Ordonez
(CNRS-LA, Toulouse ) or
Olaf Stein
(MPI-Met./FZ Jülich)

The 2003 heat-wave and pollution

Guang Zeng SR experiments under future climate modelled by UM_CAM

Ruth Doherty,
David Stevenson,
Univ. Edinburgh

SR relationships under the 2050 climate

Peter Hess, NCAR

Climate change and HTAP

Holger Tost (MPI Mainz)

Uncertainties in modelling wet deposition.

John van Aardenne Towards New Scenarios for Analysis of Emissions, Climate
Change, Impacts and Response Strategies

  Day 2: Thursday, October 18, 2007

HTAP and regional modelling. Chair: Joshua Fu

  Bridging the regional and global scales: examples from regional scale models.

Laurence Rouil

Lessons from the Eurodelta regional model intercomparison

Tracey Holloway,
University of Wisconsin

Global modeling in MICS Asia

Yang Zhang,
North Carolina State University

Modelling from urban/regional to hemispheric scales ( China , Pacific Ocean , and continental US) using various models

Joshua Fu,
University of Tennessee

East Asia/China/Beijing regional air quality modeling study by Using CMAQ Modeling System

EURAD group

Modelling of European air quality

Benchmark datasets. Chair David Parrish (Proposed)

Benchmark dataset

Jos de Laat,
KNMI, the Netherlands

CO retrieval from Sciamachy

Bart Dils,
BIRA Belgium

Long range transport of NO2 using OMI data

Kjetil Torseth

Integration of observational databases
for evaluation of Hemispheric Transport
of Air Pollutants

Rudy Husar

HTAP NO2 web application

Multi-Species Analysis: How consistent are results

David Parrish, NOAA


A test of model transport and mixing:Hydrocarbon ratio relationships

Drew Shindell

Analysis of poleward transport in SR1 and TP1 experiments

  Day 3: Friday, October 19, 2007

Planning of experiments SR3/SR4 (2008-2009). Chair: Michael Schulz (proposed)

O. Wild, M. Schultz

Planning of further simulations for experiment set 2 (transport and process studies)

Lessons for Experiment Set 4

I. Bey+M. Evans (?)

Planning of set-up for experiment set 3 (field experiments)

Ruth Doherty,
Peter Hess,
David Stevenson

HTAP and climate change
Link to IPCC (tbc)

Joshua Fu,
Tracey Holloway

Cooperation Between HTAP and Regional Modeling

Laurens Ganzeveld Do we need a renewed focus on the
dry deposition process?


Deliverables for 2009 assessment report: possible SR4 experiments

Dentener, Schultz, Wild

Discussion of publication plans

T. Keating, A. Zuber

Wrap-up, next steps of the TFHTAP