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Joint TFHTAP & WMO Workshop:
24-26 January, 2007


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Presenter Poster Title
Bergmann Daniel Impact of Long-Range Dust Transport on Northern California in Spring 2002
Bycenkiene Svetlana Interpretation of ozone level at Preila station using residence time and cluster analyses of air mas
Carnevale Claudio Validation of the regional chemistry-transport model TCAM using ground-based observations
Chin Mian Hemispheric transport of aerosols inferred from model and satellite/in-situ observations
Dagar Lalit A Decadal Gridded emission inventory of criteria pollutants over Delhi for 1990-2000.
Edwards David Long range transport of ozone precursors: The satellite perspective
Fialho Paulo AZores Observation NETwork - AZONET
Garivait Savitri Integration of observations in estimation of emissions of biomass open burning
Investigation of Particulate Black Carbon Concentrations in Thailand Using an Aethalometer
Generoso Sylvia A satellite- and model-based assessment of the long-range transport of the 2003 Russian fires
Hatakeyama Shiro Chemical compositions of aerosols transported from the East Asia
Helmig Detlev The PICO MOUNTAIN, Azores, Portugal, Research Initiative
Honrath Richard Photochemical evolution of continental outflow to Pico Mountain (Azores): Integrating observations with CTM simulations in lower FT outflow
Husar Rudolf Interoperability and Integration of HTAP Datasets
Jaffe Dan Free Tropospheric Sampling at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory in Central Oregon
Kelder Hennie Trends in NO2 emission in China over the last decade as observed by satellites
Klausen Jörg Ozone and Carbon Monoxide Observed from Mt. Kenya (Kenya), and Bukit Koto Tabang (Indonesia)
Lobocki Lech Application of the Global Environmental Multiscale model GEM to local air quality studies - Krakow IM Project
Lin Jerry Investigation of Trans-Pacific Chemical Transport of Mercury and Its Impact to Mercury Deposition
Mcconnell John (Jack) Application of GEM-AQ to Multiscale Air Quality Modelling Transport of pollutants from boreal forest fire burning
Meleux Frederik How the Prev'air air quality forecasting system deals with observations.
Pringle Kirsty HTAP: First results from the Stockholm model for Air Quality
Read Katie The Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory
Reddy M. Shekar Climate impact of black carbon emitted from
energy consumption in the world’s regions
Schnell Russell Trans-Pacific Transport of Gases and Aerosols To NOAA Baseline Stations
Long Range Transport
Szopa Sophie Future global tropospheric ozone changes and impact on European air quality
Trickl Thomas Long-range Atmospheric Transport: Towards Simultaneous Lidar Measurements of Ozone, Water Vapour and Aerosols
Van weele Michiel The proposed ESA explorer satellite mission on TRopospheric composition and Air Quality (TRAQ)
Vana Milan Kosetice Observatory – Long-term monitoring of pollutants with the potential for intercontinental transport
Vancuren Richard Using Highly-Resolved Aerosol Measurements to Validate Transport Models
Wild Oliver Variability in Ozone Production and Transport in springtime