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Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

Intercontinental Transport Modelling Intercomparison Organizational Workshop

Embassy Suites Hotel – Convention Center
Washington DC USA
30-31 January 2006

Poster Title

Lead Author

Atmospheric Methane Distribution, Trend, and Linkage with Surface Ozone Arlene Fiore
Ozone air quality management by reducing methane emissions: global health benefits J. Jason West
Ozone Long-Range Transport: Effect of Regional NOx Emission Controls J. Jason West
Evaluating Pathways, Timescales and Potential Health Impacts of Inter-continental Transport of Air Pollution Junfeng Liu
Assessing Long Range Transport of Ozone in Chemistry Transport Models Ruth Doherty
Assessment of transboundary pollution role in tropospheric ozone accumulation process by factor separation analysis Giovanna Finzi
Observations and modeling of O3 in the North American Outflow Huiting Mao
Lagrangian Characterization of Global Sources and Chemical Transformation During ICARTT/INTEX-A R. Bradley Pierce
Trans-Atlantic transport of ozone W.J. Collins
Tropospheric photochemistry modeling: 1.Global impact of isoprene nitrates; 2. Ozone and secondary species in Mexico City; 3. Ozone and reactive mercury. Sanford Sillman
Evolution of Hydrocarbon Ratios: A Diagnostic for the Treatment of Mixing, Transport and Chemical Processing in the Troposphere David D. Parrish
Changes in the Photochemical Environment of the North Pacific Troposphere: A Response to Increasing Asian Emissions David D. Parrish
Evolution of the tropospheric composition in 2030: impact on western European air quality S. Szopa
Modeling of Intercontinental Transport of Pollutants during the Year 2001; Cross Pacific and Cross Atlantic Patterns Adel Hanna
On long-range transport modelling at Finnish Meteorological Institute Mikhail Sofiev
Intercontinental Modelling of Air Pollution using the Danish Eulerian Hemispheric Model, DEHM J. Christensen
Joint Project of Long Range Transboundary Air Pollutants (LTP) Sang-Kyun Kim & Sung Nam Oh
Contributions of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols to North American Ambient PM Levels - Implication of Intercontinental Transports Sunling Gong
Forecasting Aerosol near Pt. Reyes, CA for 2005: Sea Salt, Dirt, Organic Carbon, and Black Carbon Cynthia Atherton
Impact of Long-Range Dust Transport on Northern California in Spring 2006 Phillip Cameron-Smith
Results From Simulations of an Ensemble of Global Aerosol Models Using the Same Emission Data Within AeroCom Christiane Textor
Intercontinental transport of aerosols: Implication on climate and air quality Mian Chin
The Global Environmental Atmospheric Transport Model (GEATM): Model Description and Validation Zifa Wang
Bad Actors in High Places: Manmade Airborne Contaminants Found in High-Latitude and High-Altitude Sites in Western National Parks Dixon Landers
Free Troposphere Sampling at the Mount Bachelor Observatory Daniel A. Jaffe
Trinidad Head, California (THD): New NOAA Baseline Observatory for Monitoring Asian Atmospheric Effluents Russ C. Schnell
Long Range Transport to the Arctic: Asian Dust/Air Pollution, Barrow, Alaska - April 2002 Elisabeth Andrews
A permanent free-tropospheric observatory at Pico summit in the Azores Islands? Past measurements (2001--2005) and future plans Richard E. Honrath
Beijing and Baltimore - A Tale of Two Cities Russell Dickerson
On the climatology of NOy, CO and O3 in the UTLS - An analysis of the MOZAIC data K. Petzold
MOZAIC flights from August 1994 to January 2006 Jean-Pierre Cammas
Climate research by passenger aircraft Andreas Voltz-Thomas