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Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

Intercontinental Transport Modelling Intercomparison Organizational Workshop

Embassy Suites Hotel – Convention Center
Washington DC USA
30-31 January 2006

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Monday, 30 January

9:00 9:40 Welcome Address and Setting the Stage Keating & Zuber
The Co-Chairs of the Task Force will introduce the objectives for the workshop and discuss how the results will influence the overall plan of working towards a 2009 assessment report. 
Lessons Learned from Previous Work Dentener
The presentations in this session will describe some previous model evaluation and intercomparison efforts and will identify lessons that are available to be learned about 1) the intercontinental transport of air pollutants and 2) the methods and tasks involved in model evaluation and intercomparison. 
9:40 10:00 ACCENT Photocomp Dentener
10:00 10:20 MICS Intercomparison Carmichael
10:20 10:50 AM Break & Poster Viewing
10:50 11:10 IPCC AeroCom Schulz
11:10 11:30 POPs and Hg Intercomparisons and Evaluation Dutchak
11:30 11:50 EuroDelta/JRC Tool (Task 4) Thunis/Tarrason
11:50 12:00 Discussion (Task 1?)
12:00 13:30 Lunch & Poster Viewing
Identifying Key Issues for Intercomparison and Assessment Zuber
This session will consist of a series of discussions of issues raised in the background paper.  Each discussion will be proceeded by an presentation that will provide an overview of the topic and suggested conclusions or recommendations.  The presenter will then lead a open discussion of the issues, attempting to identify where there is consensus and where there are diverging views that will need to be discussed further.  Issues that need to be discussed further will be assigned to breakout groups on Tuesday morning.    
13:30 14:30 Source-Receptor Metrics and Methods (Issue 1-3) Derwent
14:30 15:00 Scale Issues in Modeling Intercontinental Transport Jacob
15:00 16:00 Model Diagnostic and Performance Metrics (Issue 6) Carmichael
16:00 16:30 PM Break & Poster Viewing
16:30 17:30 Observations Available for Comparison (Issue 7 and Task 2) Torseth
17:30 17:45 Other Issues (Including Emissions and Meteorology) Keating
17:45 18:00 Expectations for Breakout Sessions
Adjourn for the Day

Tuesday, 31 January

8:30 10:15 Breakout Sessions:  Resolving Key Issues (Objective 1)
The objective of the first set of breakout sessions are to come to consensus on recommendations regarding methodology for quantifying source-receptor relationships and evaluating model performance.  The product of these sessions will be recommendations that will be distributed to the modeling community to help facilitate the generation and publication of more comparable results.    
Issues 1-3:  S/R Metrics and Methods Derwent
Issue 6:  Process Diagnostics Carmichael
10:15 10:45 AM Break & Poster Viewing
10:45 12:30 Breakout Sessions:  Organizing Future Work (Objectives 2-3)
The objective of the second set of breakout sessions are to begin to prioritize and organize collaborative tasks or studies addressing the questions of interest using the recommended methods.  The product of these sessions will be a list of tasks or studies to be undertaken, a list of task or study leaders and participants.    
2007 & 2009 Assessment Report Outlines Zuber
Studies 1-5 Dentener
12:30 13:30 Lunch & Poster Viewing
13:30 15:30 Plenary Session:  Developing a Work Plan (Objective 4) Keating & Zuber
This session will begin with reports from each of the breakout sessions and further discussion of these conclusions or outcomes.  A timeline will be constructed identifying what results can be achieved by when to inform the plan for the 2009 assessment.  A plan for coordinating future work will be discussed.  
15:30 16:00 PM Break & Poster Viewing
16:00 17:00 Conclusions and Next Steps Keating & Zuber
This session will wrap up the discussion of the work plan and identify next steps to address unresolved issues and follow up on organizing identified tasks or studies.  
Adjourn Meeting