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Wiki Instructions

A portion of the TF HTAP website is a wiki hosted by FZ Juelich that is intended to facilitate the exchange of information between all TF HTAP participants. Separate wiki pages have been established for the various themes and work packages in the 2012-2016 work plan. Anyone can view the wiki without an account, but to edit the text, upload images (preferably in pdf format) or manuscript drafts, and post links to other resources, it is necessary to establish a wiki account.    

To establish a wiki account, click on the button below and fill in the information requested. Someone at FZ Juelich will have to review your information and establish the account, so a response may take several days.

Note that wiki usernames should be in the form of FirstnameLastname with no space between the names.  This form is recognized by the software; adding a space or other character may lead to errors.

HTAP / AC&C Wiki User Account:

The wiki portion of the site can be accessed directly at

A short guide on how to use this Wiki can be found here: ICG2_Wiki_HowTo.pdf.  The Wiki pages also contain links to more detailed documentation.