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TF HTAP E-Mailing Lists

The links below allow you to subscribe/unsubscribe to the TF HTAP's email lists, establish access to the TF HTAP wiki, or request a data server account. By clicking a subscribe/unsubscribe button, you will be able to enter information for subscribing or unsubscribing.

TF HTAP General Announcements List (tfhtap):
HTAP Model Discussion List (tfhtapmodels):

TF HTAP Mailing Lists

tfhtap and tfhtapmodels are Lyris ListManager mailing lists, hosted on a server and supported by the US EPA.

  • tfhtap is a subscription to periodic announcements from the TF HTAP co-chairs
  • tfhtapmodels is a discussion list specifically for the TF HTAP model intercomparison participants

Once you are registered, you may use these web links to change your subscription email address, read and send mail, unsubscribe, read and search archives, or change your settings at any time.

If you have any questions about or problems with tfhtapmodels or tfhap, please do not post them to the list; instead, please email the list administrators at Help documentation is available at